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Thursday, October 4, 2012

OK OK I'll stop

In a strange but understandable way I have set myself up for failure, (I'll get back to that in a sec) I keep forgetting one of the biggest stumbling blocks with my MS involves my mood (really for most of us or at least some of us), With the current atmosphere on TV, the Internet, and all around us it seems that a lot of folks are getting really charged up politically. I have tried not to get too judgemental here (at least on this  blog. my Facebook page is another story) I continue to harp on this - I KNOW but I'm addressing it because I forget that MS controls my mood at times, this has to be pretty strong actually because I'm on Celexa and I still feel my attitude and mood shift at times.

ok I'm a bad actor, I'm supposed to be a hot head
For me I don't believe it's a questiuon of dosage, my meds are working just fine I think, on the onset of my initial MS diagnosis I was extremely sad (for a few days BEFORE the diagnosis) and I couldn't stop, the Celexa mutes at the depression but sometimes the severe political... Angst seeps through and I believe in doing so I alienate friends (on FB) and potential friends here. So, even though it's a personal opinion situation I am ceasing hostilites for the time being. Of course the internet being what it is I reserve the right to do as I please but the emphasis is still there on the stepping down .