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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The witching hour AKA tricky 16

Alas I'm heading to my twi-light hour, the mid-night hour which has been my Waterloo in the past few readathons but I'm still determined. The Book is doing a good job with blending fiction with reality, very good in that I might have to do some googling tomorrow to check some facts out. I'm not trying to bow out just yet but theres about sixty pages left and I don't know if I can make it. 

past the 13th hour mark, I'm in it to win it!!

this book has impressed me, Seth Grahame-Smith has managed to take real instances in Lincolns life and weaved them into a tale to show you the life of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter I have to admit that my eyes as well as my concentration has been a little shaky this past hour. Not to bad for a disabled guy though. I'm glad I'm reading this before any movie ruins my perception of the tale.

reading in the name of Multiple Sclerosis and MSers everywhere

I am just taking this time to remember my inspiration for doing the readathon, My fellow MSers and to shine the light on us tonight. Having Cognitive issues as well as vision difficulty with MS, reading is sometimes not my favoritist of activities, but thanks to events like this one, I get to share and blend my two worlds together. National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Readathon Post 3 Hour 10

since I'm snailing it thus far I'm proud to announce that I am in the MIDDLE of the book, and I'm still excited. If Seth Grahame-Smiths work is that good in ALVH then maybe his screenplay for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows may not be as horrendous as the commercial makes it seem, well one can only hope.

Into Hour Nine

I won't disclose details since I think that will take that would take away from the your enjoyment of this book but suffice it to say I am really digging this book. I have gotten past the whole I am reading to slowly deal and I find myself interested, but at the same time it can be confusing because I have to remind myself that these aren't real events..... or are they?

nearing end of hour seven of the readathon

I'm feeling good, really into my book and I even did a mini-challenge titled Book Appetit! that asks what you  plan as a menu if you were going to have a discussion for the Book you're reading. I answered Chicken Skewers and Bloody Marys, I thought that was apropos considering..  speaking of food, I might head back to the kitchen soon

Readathon Post 2

it's almost 1pm est, I've been at this for five hours. Once again I'm taking my time to deliberately read and enjoy and I'm glad in doing so because this is turning out to be a great book. I believe that taking an extra B-12 capsule helped because I'm having no vision problems or MS Fatigue. My wife took one of her readathon breaks to heat us up some TGI Fridays Potato skin treats (so good) and I returned to a great point in my book.
SPOILER ALERT! young Abraham is saved by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be a well intentioned vampire his new friend teaches him how to hunt down evil doing vampires and more importantly how to protect himself (it sounds hokey but bear in mind my short description doesn't do this story justice.)

Readathon Post 1b

Well I've been doing the literary eye mambo for two and a half hours, I haven't gotten impressively far into my book but that is ok. This is the first book by Seth Graham-Smith that  I have read and I am really starting to get intrigued *SPOILER so I've gotten to the point where young Abraham's father has confessed to having dealt personally with vampires in the past.

OK OK, I must go back
 *added on, SPOILER ALERT so passed the point of his early adolescence the teenage Abraham Lincoln hears stories of a rash of killings of small children in small towns along the banks of the river, young Abe determined to Destroy All Vampires sets out to hunt down this menace, only to be surprised by what he finds.

Readathon Post 1A

*there might be spoilers?

I'm having fun so far with my book, as I promised myself I'm reading SLOWLY, slow reading is kind of a necessity for me given that I have cognitive issues. anywho, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is starting off as a fun read, I've only gotten to the end of Part 1, detailing you Abe's life with his parents, sister and his mothers aunt and uncle. So far Young Abe seems to be an intelligent and thoughtful boy,

I'm going to take a moment to have a small snack before I return to the book, I hope everyone else out there is enjoying their books!

Initial spring read a thon post

we'll be starting the readathon any minute now and I'm excited, I took an extra B-12 pill this morning, I'm almost done with my coffee and I'm just trying to get comfy, it's a quiet morning perfect for reading a good book, gotta go, it's almost time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

back when I walked

back when I used to walk A LOT and when I used to have hair
I just finished a good workout today and I just got a little introspective afterward, regarding my progress. I did .73 of a mile on the treadmill, that's the most that I've done on the treadmill. I used to walk all of the time, I grew up a few miles from Manhattan so walking was a way of life, especially if you didn't have a car. I would go into Manhattan sometimes via the path train and would walk from the 9th street station and just walk, usually uptown toward Central Park. I miss those days but that was what I could do in my teens and twenties. At thirty three I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis, in the two years since I've done physical therapy and regular workouts. To maintain a positive outlook I've made a conscious effort to not mourn what I couldn't do anymore, I look back on all the walking I used to do fondly and I have to remember that next week is my thirty sixth birthday and although I can never return to those marathon-like ultra walks through the Hudson County and Manhattan areas I can continue to work within my ability. Since I have a drop foot I tend to not crank the treadmill so I don't fall or get fatigued.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BOOK REVIEW Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb


I received an e-book via Library Thing, since I'm starting the readathon soon I figured I'd give my eyes a warm up and this did the trick. In this book MJA Ware tells the story of Nate and Misty. The two are best friends and the story opens with them trying to run away but returning home only to find their town empty, except for the hordes of the undead roaming about trying to eat them. Along the way they meet Kali a wiz kid who doesn't have too many friends but he warms up to Nate and Misty. 

MJA Ware tells a fun story that any kid would enjoy, it's not really gory and graphic, also Mr Ware makes it a point not to use curse words for dialogue. All in all this is a fun read, a good story for a kids book 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upcoming Readathon

I'm gearing up for the 24 hour readathon, I've selected my book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I figure I'd have luck with a fiction book that doesn't take itself to seriously, plus I figure I better read it before the movie comes out. I'm a history fan so reading fiction based on historical figures should be fun. The big change I will make this time around is to slow down and try not to gobble the book up, in doing so I hope to be able to clearly chronicle what I've read and I also want to try some of the side challenges that will be posted by other participants. As usual I will be accompanied by my beautiful wife in this literary voyage as she tries to power through her book. Unlike last year I will only try to do 1 book since I am not a fast reader and my MS will most definitely make me tap out. Speaking of MS, I will be doing my reading in the name of MS awareness (readers/participants) can read for charity and got sponsored, I prefer to not got involved with money dealings so I will be doing my blogging from THIS site and inviting others to read if they so choose.   I do have a back-up book just incase I finish this book, I highly doubt that will happen though.