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Saturday, February 25, 2012

In retrospect

a funny thing happens to me every now and then, since I really don't have a daily agenda aside from working out my mind is free to jump around and process nonsense from years ago. I mention this because I've done a pretty good job of filing away misc. thought data PRE-MS as well as some now. Recently though something has popped into my head that I hadn't thought of in some time. Since I'm not really smart, I've always tended to have jobs where manual labor tends to be the main focus.

I mostly loaded by hand but I occasionally used pallet jacks as well
I remember when sometimes I'd get tired like wanting to take a nap tired. Since that particular job involved loading a forty foot trailer, taking a nap was NOT an option. Granted, loading a trailer can be a very extreme task but I just remember that sometimes it just felt like too much, I also remember that I believe this is the same place where my gait first started to show its wobbliness. The whole point of this is I've become adept at purposely not focusing on certain things, If this is true then my MS was probably cementing itself slowly into my brain a good five years before my official diagnosis, since I'm not a pro at time travel and since I personally haven't cured MS all of these thoughts just remain what they are, just thoughts.