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Saturday, February 18, 2012

baby steps 'back to the gym'

after a successful infusion I awoke bright and early on friday ready to "conquer" the gym. It's key for me to get to the gym early enough as I'll further explain, I belong to one of those "no judgement" bargain gyms that prides itself as being a lunk free zone which in and of itself is kind of ironic in my local gym because a lot of my fellow gym goers are just what the gym tries to avoid, sweaty dudes grunting and not wiping down machines after they use them. The low price is the only reason I stay, that and my father is my workout buddy and he comes along with me. .... I'm veering off course here, I had to keep in mind my original goals from when I was going to out-patient physical therapy, you're not going there to bulk up just trying to reverse atrophy. you're not there to impress others just because someone else is doing a Usain Bolt impression nearby doesn't mean I have to feel inadequate. Always work within my comfort level, it's ok to be slow on a treadmill, after all I use a cane

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ongoing adventures

kind of a continuance on my last posting, I had stayed home rather than go to the gym because I've been having some joint pain due to my .... impromptu 2 mile hike last week. to make matters worse for me my specialty pharmacy was switching and there was a delay in my tysabri being sent to the infusion center. After making alot of phone calls to shake peoples cages a bit I had finally managed to schedule infusion #19 a full eight days after the 28-35 days window between infusions. I was really starting to freak out but I feel greatly alleviated today, I feel a psychosomatic sense of strength once I finish up with the infusion. I say it's psychosomatic because that isn't the way that tysabri works but darn it, I do feel like Popeye once I'm done and I'm resting at home.   Remember to never give up when you are being given the run around by the drug companies or in this case specialty pharmacy.