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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Having Goals

In light of my previous post about resolutions I thought I'd share some of my GOALS for 2012. The one requisite goal that always escapes me is eating better, (although I have to admit that in light of my MS I have gotten at least a little better) in 2011 I adjusted my diet to exclude red meat. That was done simply to aid in my digestion, it is working somewhat with the aid of fiber supplements.  Another area of my life that I'd like to improve upon is my social-skills, that includes getting out more and not relying solely on the Internet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I don't believe in "resolutions"

I didn't tread lightly there, calling something a resolution just seems like you're already saying you won't do it. Rather than making a resolution I figured I would make goals, I know it's just semantics but think about it. People usually break resolutions, where as "goals" (or aspirations if you want, although I won't) can be a year long type of mental check list that you can always fall back on. My other suggestion is to not aim for the impossible, considering I have MS (always having to plan certain things out) resolving to slim down takes a bit of planning but I believe it's an attainable goal (although that's a classic one for me.... and everyone). Trying to lose some weight IS attainable I just have to be a little more disciplined about it.  Another area of my life that I would like to fine tune is my online presence, rather than dilly dally when it comes to being on Facebook or blogger I would like to set out a mini-agenda for what I'd like to accomplish that day. As far as blogger is concerned I've been trying to use a recorder app on my smart phone to record blog ideas as I get them. It seems to work for me.