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Monday, November 19, 2012

live to fight on!

well well well, there's no legitimate reason for my absence I guess I get caught up in mental hoopla of November but I'm glad to be back. The reason that I saw fit to blog this morning is regarding a mishap I had at the gym. My level of disability isn't extremely severe but it's severe enough that I need a cane because of my drop foot. I was at the treadmill as I usually start off my regimen I started at 3.0 at a quite brisk pace. I recently started using an older pair of sneakers because I thought they were somewhat cleaner (BIG mistake). I wasn't using common sense this morning because much like a tire gets worn or bald the same happens with sneakers, when I built up a gradual speed at one point my foot lost grip with the tread and as a result I ended up kneeling quickly and was launched backward and crashing to the ground.

worn shoes, BAD for MS
In the war against MS I have slowly been getting used to my weaknesses, I am tough and I'm used to getting scraped knees. It's now just a matter of resting and working out another day. Even though I may not like the other shoes it's important for me to switch back.

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