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Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm kind of excited in the final preps for tomorrows readathon, at the moment all that's left is final preps for some snacks and just to rest up for tomorrow. Being in a 24 readathon AND having Multiple Sclerosis isn't an easy task but I gladly participate In the name of MS Awareness and remind my fellow MSers that it's still fun to read something that isn't a computer screen, or maybe to try audiobooks. 

Participating is fun, you get to devote a huge chunk of time to shutting out noise and just diving into some good reading, After some coffee and an extra B12 pill tomorrow I should be raring to go, Having optic neuritis (or at least mild optic neuritis ) it is difficult sometimes to read  being involved in this event is really important to me, having MS - one the other issue(s) I face is cognitive, no real cure for that except maybe taking time outs and remembering that although it's supposed to be a 24 event it's not mandatory, What is important is to have fun and to try to write about it, whether on FB or your own blog.

My choices for tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck for the readathon - great idea to raise awareness of MS and even for those of us without MS it's a fantastic reminder that we don't always have to spend the day on a computer. Although I'm just a cheerer, I'll also be taking the opportunity to try and minimise my TBR pile.