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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I've made a horrendous ass out of myself yet again, I went to the cinema with my wife and her sisters. Shortly after sitting down I heard what appeared to me to be a small baby cooing and making noise. After the movie was over and we filed out I was complaining to my group about the noises And asking "who would bring a baby to a movie?", that is when my wife directed my attention to a very young disabled boy in a wheelchair. The only reason that I mention my selfish and uninformed behavior is to point out that circumstances like that might happen ALOT and as much as I try to be enlightened with a bit of pressure I too can be an impatient asshole. I just hope  that the grumbling I was doing didn't affect the young child's afternoon.  It's clear that I know I lost my cool and I should have waited before I made ANY kind of remark. To the boy and his mother I can only apologize NOW in this form and again apologize if my words ruined their movie