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Thursday, June 23, 2011

transitions w addendum*

I recently concluded my physical therapy, sometimes the baby-bird has to leave the nest, under the physical therapists recommendation I'm continuing my physicsal regimin at a local gym. I've been having an interesting time transitioning to my new gym's equiptment, the physical therapy gym's equiptment seems very different. One thing I have to keep in mind I'm not looking to bulk up and get muscles, the main goal in my case is to exercise legs muscles, keep those muscles active so they don't attrophy. My main three machines leg curl (being seated with raised legs, pushing my legs downward, drawing weight down)  

leg extension                                                                                                                           

being in a seated position, drawing my legs straight out pulling weight along with it.

and leg press which in most cases involves being in a seated or reclining position with both legs bent and

*I neglected to mention that I do believe that I might have overdid my workout a tad,  when I was making my way to the locker room I caught the end of some carpet in a hallway, its a miracle I didn't bust my face open on the tile and after that near miss and making some poor gentleman rush to try and catch me (he must have thought I was drunk) I had a unusual moment walking to my truck, it wasn't so much a near miss as it a "mid-flight course corrction", I felt very happy in the fact that while walking to the car I was able to do a walking balance adjustment as I was walking. I only mention that because it serves as a good reminder to MSers to take a cue from our turtle friends and remember "slow and steady"..... not that we're looking to win races.

Monday, June 20, 2011

something to keep in mind when it comes to reading what I write

I do my best to stay current and to inform people about what I go through and hopefully enlighten people. In my rush to try and type, my thoughts and ideas get garbled, not on purpose mind you but I constantly notice that my main thought/train of thought often gets derailed. Another bad habit of mine is bad grammar, I ask that people keep an open mind as I'm trying my best to not sound drunk as I type. It's mildly 'cog-fog' related more with the fact that I have un-diagnosed adult A.D.D.