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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

just my usual

I tend to feel odd sometimes because I never know what I should share.  It's usually a draw between sharing info or trying to motivate in some way. This week nothing unusual has happened and I'm thankful for that, I sometimes wonder what my myelin look like close up. The best way to explain myelin to someone not in the know is describing like an insulated wire or electric cord, and for MSers like me that cord is damaged and
since I've been feeling good, never telling what'll be a good day and what'll be a bad one.
"damaged" myelin

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  1. That's pretty much how I describe it too, like:
    Remember when video game consoles had wired controllers only? Like an old Nintendo? Then the cat chewed through the wire and you taped it up with electrical tape? The controller would work fine sometimes, but other times when you hit a button, nothing happened or that button seemed to freeze and it just kept doing the same thing over and over again without you hitting the button. That's what damaged myelin does to you.

    Though that's more for remyelinated lesions (how they're "healed" but not really healed).