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Monday, July 18, 2011

handwriting atrophy?

I'd like to share something about me that's changed since being on disability, since I no longer work and just use a laptop at home to communicate with friends I really haven't had any situations that have called for handwriting skills. My neuro's office already has my pertinent info down so I don't have to re-write anything for subsequent visits.I mention this because When I went to join my gym last month I DID have to use my handwriting and it was seriously lacking. In my working past pretty much all of the jobs that I have had have required writing of some sort or another be it progress reports or a shipping manifest. The afore mentioned gym membership sheet looked like a ransom demand. I really wasn't embarrassed I just found it odd how being out of practice for a year can really wreak havoc on someone's handwriting. My proposed solution, I have an old moleskin journalbook that I will use to occasionally scribble in, I have no problem with that since I used to that in highschool anyway.                         That is NOT my handwriting up there


  1. Hi - my handwriting always looked like 'chicken-scratch and I never stayed in the lines. I always use a ruler so I stay in line and this also helps w/neatness and legibility. My co-workers always made sure I had 6" plastic rulers :-) Now, when I write a note or address an envelope I always use a ruler. It helps!
    Love Gail

  2. Now all I do is print, as for my signature with double vision it is what it is, the bank still cash's my checks anyway. LOL

  3. if need be I mostly print as well, I'm glad my wife handles all of our financial and paperwork duties!

  4. I'm going to try the ruler trick Gail, thanks :)