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Saturday, July 23, 2011

falling back into practice

me and my Ranger November of 2005 pre-MS
as I have mentioned I recently started driving again after a nineteen month absence. My initial return started out a little bumpy, I had a near miss while trying to change lanes (don't know if I can take responsibility for that one or if I can blame the huge blind spot my truck has) regardless of that no harm has come to anyone in my vicinity and I continue to get into a good groove re: driving. I liken my recent driving adventures to my recent forays in handwriting, at first it'll look scary but I just have to slow down and try again. being thirty five and having relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis theres a small part of me that misses the daily bump and grind then theres the logical side of my brain that dictates that a forty hour work week will only zap my strength, that trying to do a 90 minute workout will do the sane, zap the hell out of my strength. It's all a matter of perspective and being responsible, can I drive? yes. should I drive in a torrential downpour or in a sparsely lit area? not really, for myself or most people in general I think. Can I do a moderate 45 minute workout? yes! can I do a 45 minute session of trying to go twice as fast on the treadmill or lift twice as much on the leg press? no. a responsible workout for myself would include a basic workout to prevent atrophy not a workout to look like a juicehead.


  1. Hi - driving huh? Nice. I drive very little. Just local, no nights or highway. I am happy to be able to do that. I feel independent, ya know? Keep on trucking.
    Love Gail
    peace and hope for us all

  2. Hi Gail, same here, local day driving to the gym with my father. I renewed my library card just so I can go somewhere where I don't have to spend money :)