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Saturday, June 18, 2011

a bit of what I think about conspiracies

Most of my daily routine involves immersing myself in MS, by that I mean that in the morning after reading my emails and drinking my coffee I catch up on my Google Reader. By that I mean that I read through my MS related blogs, it also collects MS related tweets. Through that process I mostly do that to stay up to date with MS News and the community as well, in that respect  I also use Facebook for that same purpose. In all of that MS knowledge immersion I have come to a strong conclusion about myself I don't believe in  conspiracies or playing detective when it comes to my MS. Some people will think I'm naive but I really believe that companies are moving forward to find a cure, I don't really think that we're being kept sick on purpose. Money can still be made by these companies if they find a cure. I respect different peoples thoughts and ideas. In regards playing detective, trying to trace your medical history in most situations can be a headache in regards to trying to track down the 'genesis' of the disease into your body. I do my darnedest to respect anyone dealing with disease, we all have different ways of dealing, coping, getting by

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