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Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures in The Brain Fog

Multiple Sclerosis isn't funny but you have to take your fun from where you can get it. One of my side effects is a mild case of cognitive dysfunction. I had the most interesting morning while I was getting ready for physical therapy I had forgotten where I placed my wallet and I spent all morning trying to find it. Time came to go to therapy, as I was leaving I reached into my second pocket (the joy of cargo shorts) and I felt my wallet in there. It may not be much but it was my morning.

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  1. I wish I could blame it all on the MS! For me it's age, brain overload AND MS!

    Funny story...
    This happened to me ~ almost 20 years ago - I had 5 small children, my oldest was 7, then 5, 4, 2 and a newborn. We went to the Palmer pool for open swim. Palmer is a small town and everyone knows everyone, a very safe place. (You have to know that decade was my favorite in my life - when my children were all little :) I wasn't swimming, I was holding the baby, Jaimi, and watching the kids swim. Jaimi was being passed around the crowd of parents watching.

    It was time to go and I rounded everyone up. I went into the locker room and passed off the baby to Toni, my oldest while I helped the 2yr old get dressed. Then I motivated everyone to get their towels and swim suits and I went back to the entryway and waited while they all gathered together.

    Everyone came, but the baby wasn't there! I started asking all the parents as they filed out, "Have you seen my baby?" I was feeling a little urgent, looking in everyone's arms, waiting for my oldest child to come out of the locker room. Still asking everyone who passed, "Have you seen my baby?!" I was starting to get a little desperate and even though I'm not a worrier by nature, I was nervous! Finally my oldest daughter came out of the locker room empty handed and I almost yelled at her, "Toni, have you seen Jaimi? "Mom," she calmly said, "she's in your arms!"